10 Fantasy Summer Cottage Rentals Within A Four-hour Drive Of Toronto

A long drive is the perfect excuse to have big talks or check out new podcasts or play each other your favourite album. The formula for a successful road trip is simple. Access to car + amazing snack selection + pre-loaded Google Maps + destination = great times.

If you need any help on the destination front, I pulled some together for NOW Magazine:

Imagine a dreamy open space with exposed beams, a grandfather clock and a clawfoot tub. Great, right? Now imagine that space above a barn that a bunch of horses and a cat named Marv live in. There are also lambs, sheep, chickens and cats – all of which are treasured by hosts Deborah and Eric. This Airbnb listing comes with the caveat that you make extra sure you know you will be sleeping in a barn with horses, which would be a lousy thing to be surprised by. (There is even a “bale and breakfast” option, if you happen to be travelling with a horse of your own.) This listing gets extra points for making clear that humans of all races, genders and religions are to be treasured too.

Drive time: 1.5 hours

Price: $80 per night

Good for: Remembering there is goodness in the world, reading Misty Of Chincoteague

10 Fantasy Summer Cottage Rentals Within A Four-hour Drive Of Toronto