About me


I’m a writer and strategist with an intuition for finding common ground and bringing people together. I love creating accessible content that allows people to engage with complex issues. This has driven my work as a political speechwriter, a newspaper columnist, and the online public face of several campaigns and brands.

My recent clients include unicorn startup Slack, international NGO The Internet Society, and the world-changing Centre for Social Innovation. I love: connecting people, building networks, asking questions, telling stories, crunching numbers, and impacting culture.

I can talk to someone for five minutes and figure out what they know that could change the world, and who they have to tell to make that happen. Give me another couple of minutes and I can usually find the name of that person in my contacts list (which contains everyone from a feminist harmonica teacher to a former Secretary of the US Navy).

I have discovered that the best way to draw people in is with a mix of surprise and familiarity, and I like to think of myself as a left-wing “fixer”.

Some things I can take on for you and your business:

* Writing (or rewriting) your website copy
* Capturing and creating an engaging narrative
* Developing a content and/or social media strategy
* Writing regular blog posts
* Tracking down and dressing up testimonials from your clients
* Writing conversational and engaging articles about anything
* Framing all content for social media
* Managing social media channels
* Writing and implementing a Facebook ad strategy

My resume can be found here, and a selected writing portfolio is here. I can be reached at audra.williams@gmail.com.

28 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Not one soul will perish
    who puts their trust in Me.

    (just type my name on
    the WP blogOramma and
    see whot you come-up with)

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