I have been incredibly lucky to work with a lot of amazing people. This is just some of them!

Alexandra Lopoukhine
Director of Partnerships & Influence at Mercy Corps

“I enjoyed working with Audra immensely: on an almost daily basis, she brought forward thought-provoking questions, helping us think differently and to creatively reach our goals. Audra is inclusive, persistent, kind, thoughtful and analytical. If you are looking to go beyond the norm, ask Audra to help you get there!”

Alastair Cheng
Editor, publisher & enthusiast

“Audra’s a strategic and passionate coms professional, with deep understanding of the many communities she moves in, works with & skillfully addresses. Also, a very nice person! I’d certainly hire her again.”

Jennie Worden
Executive Director at Orchestra Toronto

“Bringing people together is one of Audra’s many great skills. She can assemble a team to do just about anything, from her extensive network. Once she has that team, she is an expert at figuring out audience and market, and finding ways to reach them and tell the stories you need to tell. She’s also a delight: she’s funny, caring, and empathetic. She’s a great person to have on a project: she’s passionate, caring, creative, and engaged.”

Sylvia Nowak
University of Toronto Research Assistant at the Alternative Toronto archive

“Audra is a gifted writer, who can transcend across medium and platforms. On social media, she has a keen ability in facilitating important and meaningful conversations with fairness and respect. Audra is kind-hearted, generous, and passionate. She cares deeply about various issues, but most importantly, cares about people.”

Morna Ballantyne
Executive Director at Child Care Now

“Audra is a talented, highly effective communicator and is particularly skilled in helping clients clarify the results they want and how to get them. I have worked with Audra as a colleague in the same organization, and I have sought her contract services. She always delivers.”

Marcie Crosbie
Growth & Retention Marketing Manager at EF Educational Tours

“If you’re looking for someone who knows how to harness the power of content then look no further than Audra Williams. She is truly an expert at building and engaging online communities – I’ve seen her do it first-hand. Audra is fantastic at approaching common problems in unique and interesting ways, always with the end-goal in sight. Besides all of this, she has a stalwart moral compass that makes her a thoughtful, genuine and excellent human being to have as part of your team.”

Chris Lawson
Owner operator at Jungle Internet

“Audra Williams is a communications genius. Her expertise is current. She has formal communications training and an extensive resumé but her real strength as a digital communications strategist is her experience as a student and observer of the internet which she fuses with her creativity, her wit and her drive. And while she ‘gets’ the internet, her general orientation is on making change and getting results in real life. And in this she excels.”

Ravi Joshi
Director of Communications at The Council of Canadians

“Audra is intelligent, experienced, principled, and brilliant. Her writing and strategy are unparalleled as she helps navigate stakeholder relations and issues with insight, honesty, and grace. As a person, she is charming and trustworthy. She brings passion to her work and is a joy to work with. If you are focused on values-driven communications and marketing, I can honestly tell you Audra is the person you want at your table.”

Lauren Dobson-Hughes
Strategic advocacy and government relations consultant

“Audra is a fantastic communicator. She wrote one of the single most impactful speeches I’ve ever read. Audra knows diverse audiences, and she takes time to understand the end user/listener. She never merely delivers blog-standard, out-of-the-box products. She thinks creatively and innovatively. She asks the tough, honest questions you never realized you needed to hear. She pushes you to think about big possibilities, and to align with your values. Audra is on top of latest trends and platforms, and gives excellent advice on which ones are appropriate. Her work is sleek and well-pitched. She has an immense network to draw on, and she’s well-admired in her sector.”

Mariel Kelly
Content Designer at Bitmoji

“Audra is both one of my favorite people to work with and for. We have worked as collaborators on articles and presentations and I have worked under her direction on several communications projects. She is both an excellent manager and coworker, a delight to communicate with, and she brings her passion and wit to every project she is part of. Audra is a deep well of ideas and insights and is in touch with current trends and affairs in a way that constantly astonishes me!”

Lisa Faye
Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Lead at Alinea International

“Audra is a powerhouse when it comes to communications. She is highly skilled in social media and has a wide network which is key to making social media work for any organisation. In addition to this, she has important skills in traditional communications tools like press releases and speech writing, skills that aren’t always easy to find. She brings to the table creative ideas, the ability to listen closely (all too often missing in communications people!), and a genuine commitment to justice. Audra brings results that you can see. I highly recommend her.”