In addition to editorial and copywriting, I’ve got a couple of other fun projects on the go. One of them involves non-alcoholic cocktails, the other involves interactive maps. Both of them are about diversity, inclusion, and community.


What happens when a lifelong non-drinker (me) falls in love with a bartender (my partner Haritha)? A non-alcoholic cocktail company that has supplied drinks to TIFF events, raised $40K on Kickstarter to make a drink recipe book inspired by the Tarot, and teamed up with Masterchef Canada winner Jennifer E. Crawford to create a sold-out night of food and non-alcoholic drink pairings.


So many of us are being priced out of Toronto. But where should we go? That’s something I’m trying to figure out. In case you are trying to figure that out too, I’ve pulled together a ton of information and an interactive map to get us started. I’ve got data on which places are the most diverse, which places have the most progressive voting histories, and which places have the cutest cafes.