You can care all you want [20 minute post]

I wonder how many of these blog posts will have titles pulled from the lyrics of INXS’s “Need You Tonight”? Man I love that song. It is my favourite song to sing to Lili in Rock Band because she gets super flustered.

Even though I am no more settled than I was when I wrote my last post, I am feeling less up-in-the-air. I am seeing two apartments today, I had a job interview yesterday, applied to three more the day before, and am chatting informally with a few different people  about other collaborative possibilities.

It’s like some clouds parted or something. Last weekend started with me and Jairus having brunch with an Aunt and Uncle of mine and ended with me and a handful of friends watching fireworks at Christie Pitts, laughing and shivering. I woke up Tuesday feeling kind of invincible.

I think part of my emotional uptick is that Jairus has a new job where he is kicking all kinds of ass. He’s working as the web marketing guy for a tech recruiting company, which he felt fairly neutral about. But neutral was fine, after months and months of turning down big salaries from banks and insurance companies, institutions that didn’t feel neutral at all.

I really admire that he was able to take such a principled stance, especially since money worries really shred his since of stability after growing up and spending so much of his life in perilous poverty. He just wasn’t willing to do work he felt was making the world worse.

I’m really glad he didn’t have to compromise on this. I’m doubly glad that the recruitment company has turned out to be an engaging and dynamic workplace. He really likes his team and comes home from work every day chuffed and excited. It makes my heart feel like a bubble machine, and I think it is fuelling my own feelings of optimism big time.

Okay hooray I am going to look at an apartment now! I hope we like each other.

This is basically my set up for writing blog posts.

This is basically my set up for writing blog posts.

2 thoughts on “You can care all you want [20 minute post]”

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